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Sorry it has been so long since I’ve updated last! Things have been nuts with summer classes, all of my activities, as well as training for my 98 mile walk for Marriage Equality.

In terms of recovery from my eating disorder, I think it is safe to say that everyone was a little nervous about how the walk would impact my life, my health, and my recovery. However, I had faith and the will to make sure it was a positive impact, and not a negative one. It was great to have such health and positive thoughts today. About 7 miles into my training walk, I realized that I was getting hungry. Thus, I stopped, and I ate.

It seems like a simple step to someone else, but for someone with an eating disorder, this can be an incredibly difficult concept to grasp. After all, the purpose of exercise is to burn calories, right? So why would someone EAT on a walk?? Well, thats what I used to think. And its crazy how much I’ve grown to appreciate my body and what it does for me. A 98 mile journey for a cause is a very long and arduous task. I would not be able to accomplish the walk, or even my longer training walks, without a body that is sturdy, strong, and healthy. It’s nuts how I’ve actually grown to believe all of those “corny” sayings in Ed pamphlets about “appreciating your body” and wanting to “fuel it so you have the power to do the things you like.”

I’ve had a couple of really great appointments with my team, and I’m excited about making progress. I’ve made big steps that I never thought I’d be able to (such as switching to 2% milk and being open and honest enough to give myself some constructive criticism and evaluate my progress in recovery). Recovery, as we all know, takes an enormous amount of effort, but I am approaching it with a new sense of resolve.

One thing I realized is that i always walk into appointments as if everything is going fine and dandy. By talking about this with my therapist, I realized it is because I always take time to think about what is going on with my life, what I want to talk about, etc. prior to going into an appointment. Thus, everything seems pretty clear and I have a good amount of insight into what’s happening, as I’ve taken the time to reflect and reevaluate.

So, we decided to try to expand that. See if doing that every day, whether or not I have an appointment coming up, helps me to move on from day to day and to get through little setbacks and then also help me to gain positive momentum during good times.

So, every night, I’ve started to ask myself: What went well today? What didn’t go so well? How am I feeling about everything that happened today? Did I use any ineffective coping mechanisms?

I write these on a mental “whiteboard,” another concept that we came up with in my session. Thus, I get the time to “write it down,” evaluate my day, and learn any lessons that I can from what happened. The next morning, when I start my day, I “clear my whiteboard” or give myself a clean slate for the day. Anything that happened before is done and over with. I can learn lessons, but I cannot “look back to yesterdays notes” to decide what I should compensate for, whether that be “extra” calories or faults from the previous day.

Taking a few minutes out every day to reflect really has been helping to decrease my stress. It seems like no big deal, but as we all know, when you get busy its easy to say “I’m tired, I just want to go to bed.” and put off those two minutes to the next day. And then the next day, and next day, and so on. Thus, I’m making myself “just do it” and I’m thinking it’ll be a positive boost in my recovery!

Some super cool Pink socks for my walk!

Hives from the Sun--An unfortunate roadbloack!

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!