After an incredibly long plateau in recovery, I have decided to see a new therapist. He comes with high regards, and is really good at “making people feel” which is something I really need right now. He is also a gay man (and pretty effeminate), so I feel comfortable discussing the intersection of my body image and gender identity. My previous therapist, while totally supportive, wasn’t as knowledgable about LGBTQ issues. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to hide behind “you just don’t understand” with the new therapist because he does get

I also took another huge leap in attempting to break the plateau and was a lot more honest with my dietitian. From the language I had been using in our sessions, she was under the assumption that I was following our meal plan every day. However, it was actually just Tuesday-Sunday. I have only been eating dinner on Mondays. I leave for work at 545AM and get home at 7PM, and teach all day. It has been a very easy way to restrict, and I have kept it to myself all semester. While my dietitian kinda sorta threw her pen at me when I told her (totally okay, we’re on that level), we both agreed it was a huge step in letting go of this last part of my eating disorder that I seem to be clinging on to.