Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long. My life has been crazy! I get up first thing in the day and I’m busy until late at night. In addition to doing school work, I have numerous jobs that are keeping me busy, in addition to training for my 98-mile walk.

Oh, and my partner and I also signed up for AIDS/Lifecycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Fran to L.A. to raise money for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, which provides treatment to AIDS patients in the area, regardless of the ability to pay for care.

In terms of food stuff, things are still going relatively well. Exercise isn’t as much of an issue as I thought it’d be. It’s crazy that I actually have so many “corny” moments when I’m out on my 20 mile walks. I start to appreciate my body and what it can do for me, want to fuel it for keeping me going for so long.

The only thing that’s been kind of rough is that being so busy has made me kind of anxious here and there! It’s hard to take time out for myself, and when I don’t, the urge to purge gets really terrible. When I let my anxiety build up, as soon as I eat, it comes back. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on. I’m trying to make my down time for purely relaxing–no answering work-related e-mails on my blackberry, no reading journal articles while I relax. Just pure down time! When I can let go of all of the work stuff, it’s actually pretty fun too. My partner and I spent time playing the pool yesterday and even when bowling last Friday. I had a great time and felt so much better afterwards!

It’s still been difficult to kind of work out who I am in this process too. So much of the food stuff is natural now. It’s natural for me to say negative things about myself and my body, natural for me to want to restrict, binge, or purge when I get upset. Natural to count calories and fat and choose the lower-calorie option all the time. Making a conscious effort to break these habits is very difficult, but proves to be so worthwhile when I do so.