Okay, so as some of you may have noticed, I deleted my old blog. As new issues arose in my life (mainly gender issues and sobriety), I realized that blogging was making things more confusing, and not helping me to figure things out.  I also found that I was sensoring things that I was talking about because I didn’t know which group of readers would also like the other topics.

Overall, the purpose of blogging is to help me in my recovery. It is not effective if it’s more confusing, or if I have to censor what I say. Thus, for my purposes, to help me, I’ve split my blogging into different pages.

Intheendthereislettinggo will cover my eating disorder recovery

Beyondthegenderbinary will cover gender stuff

Thefirst365days will chronicle my first year of sobriety

I’ll keep links to the various blogs in my blogroll, and you can pick and choose what you read. If one topic interests you, but not others, it’ll also streamline your reading. 🙂